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The joy and thrill of photography is in finding and creating images based on the light and the location. Often it is a quest for magic light and a scene that honors the light. I look for the best way to utilize the elements in front of me in a unique and creative way. This site showcases some of these images. Look around and enjoy!

Thanks, Jeanine.


6 July 2015: Rainbow Over the Frobe Farm in McMurray, PA.

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Magic Light and the Dynamic Landscape

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Moments of peak action are well-known in sports photography, but they also happen in nature photography. The light can change within seconds and the best light may occur only long enough for a single frame. To create dramatic images, landscape photographers must first recognize those moments of magic light that get the heart pumping and blood flowing. While the sunrise and sunset hours provide recognized opportunities, the keen photographer will soon see that magic light can also happen at other times of the day.

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6 July 2015: Rainbow Over the Frobe Farm in McMurray, PA.